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Month: February 2017

The Imagine Express 2017 expedition arrives this afternoon at 4YFN!

The countdown of the 4th edition of Imagine Express is already unstoppable. The 5,000-minute journey will come to an end today. This afternoon, at 6:00 pm, the five winning teams of the Imagine Express 2017 hackatrain will present at the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) Nestl茅 Stage the mobile apps developed during their intense disruptive innovation adventure between the cities of Barcelona, Paris and London.

To end this special day, for both dreamers and Imagine Express 2017 staff, we spoke with David Domingo, 4YFN Content Manager, to explain his experience as a jury and as a partner in this disruptive innovation program.


David, you participated as a jury in the live selection of one of the dreamers, what qualities or skills do you think a dreamer should have to get on the mobile apps train?
I was in the selection of dreamer for Business category and the qualities that I valued most were the self confidence to achieve a goal, teamwork and energy. Knowledge of the world of business, technology and economy is difficult to assess in such a short time and for me they are secondary in processes of creativity and innovation like Imagine Express.

What does Imagine Creativity Center contribute to 4YFN?
The final Imagine Express presentation event is always welcome in the 4YFN Barcelona program because it brings a flow of creativity and fresh ideas into a pre-startup state that enriches the event. In addition, we lower the average age of the attendees 馃槈

This year is the 4th edition of 4YFN and also the 4th edition of Imagine Express, what balance do you make of these four years of 4YFN? What happened at this time?
4YFN was born as a project of the Mobile World Capital Foundation to organize a complementary event to the Mobile World Congress for the entire startup ecosystem that flourished in Barcelona 4 years ago. Now it is a global business platform that will hold 7 events on 3 continents during 2017, as well as other innovation and business projects for startups, investors and corporations.

4YFN has its own identity beyond the Mobile World Congress, although we are also very well working with them in their congresses around the world.

The growth of 4YFN has followed the same evolution and emergence as the startup ecosystem of Barcelona in recent years, which reflects that we are in a good moment, although there is still much to do to reach all the potential that can have the city As an innovation hub.

How do you see 4YFN in four years?
In the next 4 years, our objective is to globalize the platform and geographically still further to support more startups and ecosystems, and to interconnect them, always with Barcelona as a base for the import and export of innovation. We also want to create an active and committed mass of members not only with their projects, but with the community in order to lead technological innovation.

And, of course, in four years I hope to be able to hold a 4YFN Barcelona 2021 event that occupies 8 halls of Fira Montju茂c and … welcome to the 8th edition of Imagine Express!

Renfe-SNCF en Cooperaci贸n becomes, once again, the train of innovation

Renfe-SNCF en Cooperaci贸n international trains will be the setting of the Imagine Express for the 4th consecutive year. More than 36 dreamers will travel from Barcelona to Paris and will be the protagonists of this edition.

Renfe-SNCF en Cooperaci贸n anually gets on board with this initiative in order to boost talent and support these dreamers to fulfil their goals and dreams, taking them with their trains on the road of success.

In this edition, in addition to supporting talent, Renfe-SNCF en Cooperation has launched its own initiative within the framework of the Imagine Express 2017 inviting, through a selection process, three influencers to be part of the trip and have their own challenge. The company understands the value and importance that social networks currently have.

With this trip to Barcelona-Paris-London and this experience, they have wanted to reward an influencer of each of these social networks: Instagram, Youtube and Twitter, who will be part of the Imagine Express expedition, and at the same time share their experience directly with their audience.

For the past three years, the High Speed line connects up to 21 cities between both countries and initiatives such as Imagine Express are a clear example of Renfe-SNCF en Cooperaci贸n commitment to talent, innovation and teamwork.

Will you get on board the train?


Miguel 脕ngel Remacha, Renfe-SNCF, Imagine Express 2017 from Imagine on Vimeo.

SUEZ takes part in a new edition of Imagine Express

One more year SUEZ gets on the mobile apps train in search of disruptive technological solutions linked to smart cities. The company, exclusively dedicated to the activities of water and waste, promotes the participation of three dreamers in the Imagine Express 2017: two project engineers and their first commercial. To select their participants, SUEZ has taken into account criteria such as creativity, feasibility and enthusiasm of in describing the ideas presented.

According to Catalina Balseiro, Director of Innovation at AGBAR-SUEZ Spain, they have decided to participate again in the Imagine Express because of the 鈥cultural change鈥 and the 鈥energy boost鈥 it generates in the company and its employees. In addition, Balseiro believes that the innovation programs promoted by Imagine Creativity Center

Contribute to SUEZ 鈥渨hat we call the ‘Beoni effect’, one of our first dreamers on the train, 鈥an incredible change of mentality.


Betting on internal entrepreneurial talent, SUEZ presented its employees with three very important challenges for the future of the company: Industry 4.0, urban innovation and new horizons beyond water. By the hand of Imagine Express, SUEZ can identify disruptive ideas to design smart cities of the future. In addition, the dreamers of the company who get on the train learn to cultivate very important qualities: teamwork, capacity to overcome, development of creativity, and above all, the effort to fulfil dreams, not only theirs, but also of all those people who will benefit from the apps and solutions created during the trip.




隆Welcome on board influencers!

As you already know, one of the novelties this 4th edition of Imagine Express is that our new partner Renfe-SNCF en Cooperaci贸n launched a contest to take influencers of three social networks: Twitter, Instagram and Youtube on the disruptive innovation train.

We have received so many contest applications, but finally our jury, made up of social media experts from Renfe-SNCF en Cooperaci贸n and Imagine Creativity Center, has decided that the winners are:





The team 12+1

The influencers will be the 13th team of dreamers and will live the experience with Imagine with the same intensity as the rest of their teamates: nerves, tensi贸n, excitement, emotion, motivation, ability to overcome鈥 The challenge that these three influencers will face wont be easy: they will have to jointly make a video 1 minute in duration that summarizes each day. To create this video they will have limited time, which will be the time at which they will broadcast it in their social networking profiles at 23:59h (the last minute of the day).



5.000 minutes of travel summarized in a single minute

The last video will correspond to the last day of the program. In it they will have to summarize the 5.000 minutes of duration of the 4th edition of Imagine Express in a single minute. Until that last momento they will be filming and editing images for the last video which will also last a minute and will be broadcast during the presentation of the apps developed during the trip in the 4YFN del Mobile World Congress. The final video will be the result of a combination of the videos that have been elaborated each day with the objective of showing how they lived their experience in the Imagine Express 2017.


From Imagine CC we want to thank all of you who participated! And, of course, welcome @ninhodelosrecao and @pinapli to the mobile apps train!


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Bank Sabadell and its Foundation are back on the innovation train

One more year, Banco Sabadell聽and its Foundation聽 join Imagine Express 2017 in search for technological solutions for the future. In this edition of Imagine Express, Banco Sabadell and Fundaci贸n Banco Sabadell promote the participation of 6 dreamers: three Banco Sabadell employees selected by the Innovation Directorate, two entrepreneurs sponsored by the Fundaci贸n Banco Sabadell, from Valencialab聽and聽EDEM Escuela de Empresarios聽; and a third one also sponsored by the Foundation, which won the creative contest organized by Imagine.

Thanks to Imagine Express, Banco Sabadell can find the entrepreneurial talent within its employees and identify completely disruptive ideas in the financial sector. The dreamers who get on the train learn to work in the most multidisciplinary and creative way, subsequently contributing that energy to their teams and keeping Banco Sabadell聽on its constant path towards innovation.

Betting on internal talent as a fundamental value, Banco Sabadell聽proposed to its employees three very important challenges for the future of the entity:

  • Insurance in the digital environment, a challenge represented by Esther Boneta, Treasury Analyst- Project Management of Markets and Private Banking, with her idea of insurance on digital goods.


  • The role of the bank in the collaborative economy, a challenge that will be represented by Isaac Cayellas, Innovation Delivery Manager, who proposes a platform of purchase and sale invoices based on blockchain technology.

  • The future of digital identity, a challenge that will be represented by Jose Ignacio Delgado Ant贸n, Integral manager at Valladolid鈥檚 Main Office, multiplatform virtual identification.


The dreamers聽sponsored by Fundaci贸n Banco Sabadell聽are Liseth Monticone and H茅ctor Alemany, two young entrepreneurs that will participate under the category Business; and 脫scar Rovira with his idea 鈥淎nnona鈥, winnter of the creative contest organized by Imagine. Thanks to creative programs like Imagine Express,聽the Fundaci贸n Banco Sabadell聽is able to promote one of its fundamental objectives: to stimulate excellence and foster young talent.

Francesc Fajula, Banco Sabadell, Express 2017 from Imagine on Vimeo.

Otsuka and Biocat, official collaborators of 4th edition of Imagine Express

Otsuka and Biocat are the main collaborators in the health sector of the 4th edition of Imagine Express. The collaboration between both companies demonstrates their commitment to innovation with the objective of delivering technological solutions of value to patients.

This innovation program takes place during the 4-day train journey between the cities Barcelona, Paris and London. During the trip, different teams previously selected through multiple talent contests participate in this hackatrain to design and prototype mobile technology solutions through techniques based on collaborative innovation.

The contest began last December when Otsuka and Biocat launched three challenges in the field of Health where more than 100 people participated by presenting their ideas to resolve the challenges posed.

The jury that validated and evaluated all the proposals was formed by a varied representation of different institutions and public-private entities related to the field of Health. The members of the jury included professionals from the Fundaci贸n Jim茅nez D铆az, the Sociedad Espa帽ola de Psiquiatr铆a (SEP), the Hospital Cl铆nico San Carlos de Madrid, la Sociedad Espa帽ola de Nefrolog铆a (S.E.N), the Asociaci贸n de Enfermer铆a de Salud Mental (AEESME), the Axencia de Co帽ecemento en Sa煤de (ACIS), the Sociedad Espa帽ola de Farmacia Hospitalaria (SEFH), Institut Assist猫ncia Sanit脿ria de Girona, the Centro de Investigaci贸n Biom茅dica en Red (CIBERSAM), the Federaci贸n Nacional de Asociaciones para la Lucha Contra Enfermedades del Ri帽贸n (ALCER), the Sociedad Espa帽ola de Directivos de la salud (SEDISA), the Societat Catalana de Gesti贸 Sanit脿ria (SCGS), the Consejer铆a de Sanidad de Murcia and the Servicio Extreme帽o de Salud.

N煤ria Pastor, Psychologist and Research Assistant at the Instituto Hospital del Mar de Investigaciones M茅dicas (IMIM), will lead the first challenge addressed towards health professionals, institutions or patient associations. The initiative aims to create an app to empower patients, allow them to be more autonomous and to promote adherence to treatment to improve their quality of life.

Cristina Coll, Public Affairs & Patient Advocacy Manager de Otsuka, will lead the development of the solution to the second challenge, which aims to improve upon the visibility that the company currently has in Spain. This second team led by Coll will devise the development of an app that promotes digital networking between retired health professionals and those that are active, with the intention of fostering and generating knowledge.

Finally, the third challenge will be addressed to the general public and Cl脿udia Pardo, Business and Marketing graduate, has put forward an idea to develop a community of virtual innovation where start-ups resole the challenges that companies propose through a Lean Start-Up methodology.

The winners of the health category will have the opportunity to present the project in the 4YFN of the Mobile World Congress, along the other dreamers and mentors that participate in the Imagine Express trip next February 27th.

脫scar Alcoberro, Otsuka, Imagine Express 2017 from Imagine on Vimeo.

Otsuka y Biocat, colaboradores oficiales de la 4潞 edici贸n de Imagine Express

Otsuka y Biocat son los colaboradores principales en el 谩rea de salud de la 4陋 edici贸n de Imagine Express. La colaboraci贸n entre ambas compa帽铆as pone de manifiesto su apuesta por la innovaci贸n, con el principal objetivo de hacer llegar soluciones tecnol贸gicas de valor a los pacientes.

Este programa de innovaci贸n se lleva a cabo durante un viaje de 4 d铆as en tren, entre las ciudades de Barcelona, Par铆s y Londres. Durante el viaje, diferentes equipos seleccionados previamente a trav茅s de m煤ltiples concursos de talento, participan en esta hackatrain, para dise帽ar y prototipar soluciones de tecnolog铆a m贸vil a trav茅s de t茅cnicas basadas en innovaci贸n colaborativa.

El concurso se inici贸 el pasado mes de diciembre, cuando Otsuka & Biocat, lanzaron tres retos del 谩mbito de la salud y donde m谩s de 100 personas han participado presentando sus ideas para solventar los retos planteados.

El jurado, que ha validado y evaluado todas las propuestas, estuvo formado por una amplia representaci贸n de diferentes instituciones y entidades p煤blico-privadas referentes en el 谩mbito de la salud. Entre los miembros del jurado, destacan profesionales de la Fundaci贸n Jim茅nez D铆az, la Sociedad Espa帽ola de Psiquiatr铆a (SEP), el Hospital Cl铆nico San Carlos de Madrid, la Sociedad Espa帽ola de Nefrolog铆a (S.E.N), la Asociaci贸n de Enfermer铆a de Salud Mental (AEESME), la Axencia de Co帽ecemento en Sa煤de (ACIS), la Sociedad Espa帽ola de Farmacia Hospitalaria (SEFH), Institut Assist猫ncia Sanit脿ria de Girona, el Centro de Investigaci贸n Biom茅dica en Red (CIBERSAM), la Federaci贸n Nacional de Asociaciones para la Lucha Contra Enfermedades del Ri帽贸n (ALCER), la Sociedad Espa帽ola de Directivos de la salud (SEDISA), la Societat Catalana de Gesti贸 Sanit脿ria (SCGS), la Consejer铆a de Sanidad de Murcia y el Servicio Extreme帽o de Salud.

El primer reto, dirigido a profesionales de la salud, instituciones o asociaciones de pacientes, lo liderar谩 N煤ria Pastor, Psic贸loga y Research Assistant en el Instituto Hospital del Mar de Investigaciones M茅dicas (IMIM). La iniciativa pretende crear una app para empoderar a los pacientes, hacerlos m谩s aut贸nomos y promover la adherencia al tratamiento, para mejorar su calidad de vida.

Cristina Coll, Public Affairs & Patient Advocacy Manager de Otsuka, liderar谩 el desarrollo de la soluci贸n del segundo reto que pretende mejorar la visibilidad que la compa帽铆a tiene actualmente en Espa帽a. Este segundo equipo, liderado por Coll, plantear谩 el desarrollo de una app que promueva el networking digital entre los profesionales de salud jubilados y aquellos que est谩n en activo, con la intenci贸n de favorecer y generar conocimiento.

Por 煤ltimo, el tercer reto se dirig谩 al p煤blico en general y Cl脿udia Pardo, graduada en Negocios y Marketing internacional, ha planteado una idea para desarrollar una comunidad de innovaci贸n virtual d贸nde las start-ups resuelvan los retos que propone la compa帽铆a mediante metodolog铆a Lean Start-Up.

Los ganadores de la categor铆a de salud tendr谩n la oportunidad de presentar el proyecto en el 4YFN del Mobile World Congress, junto a todos los dreamers y mentores que participan en el viaje de Imagine Express, el pr贸ximo 27 de febrero.

脫scar Alcoberro, Otsuka, Imagine Express 2017 from Imagine on Vimeo.

Imagine Express 2017 is ready to go!

Everything is ready for the train of the Mobile Apps to leave Sants-Estaci贸 on February 24th. Xavier Verdaguer and Albert Mikkelsen hosted the presentation of the 4th edition of Imagine Express at the Antiga F脿brica Estrella Damm of Barcelona. During the event the 3 final dreamers were selected that will accompany us on this trip full of enthusiasm, dreams, creativity, companionship and disruptive innovation. One more year we are eager to begin this journey that will change the lives of its participants and improve the quality of life of many people through the apps that will be developed. This is our grain of sand to change the world for better.

However, we recognize that Imagine Express would not be possible without the companies that invest on the search for talent and innovation. For this reason we would like to thank the main partners of the program (Otsuka y Biocat, Banco Sabadell, Suez and Imagine Foundation) for their incredible involvement from the beginning and their capacity to test us through the challenges in the following categories:

  • Fintech: Insurance, Sharing Economy & Identity.
  • Smart cities: CropSell, Pipe Doctor & Collvers.
  • Health: Adherence, Pharma鈥檚 Image & Relationship with Start-ups.
  • Open.

In a live competition, 15 candidates competed to be the three last dreamers (of the creative, developer and business profile). To do this they presented their proposals before a jury composed of experts of different companies and sectors. In addition, the event attendees were also able to participate in the selection by tweeting their favourite candidates.

We won’t make you wait any longer and will now present the 36 dreamers of Imagine Express 2017!

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-10 a las 12.15.31 Captura de pantalla 2017-02-10 a las 12.15.47 Captura de pantalla 2017-02-10 a las 12.15.59

During the event, Paula Guardans-God贸 and Marc Unzueta, dreamers de Imagine Silicon Valley 2016, presented ShaRing. The project that was developed during that edition of Imagine is forming a company composed by Imagine, the dreamers and Hippo Technologies. ShaRing consists of a smart ring with NFC technology that unifies and manages access of all kinds through it鈥檚 software and application. The Project strives to eliminate the need to carry and keep track of multiple keys and access cards by replacing them with an app that you can manage all access and later use your ring to enter in places such as concerts, offices, public transport and more. In the Imagine Express 2017 event ShaRing a few selected early adopters were able to use the ring as an entry. There was also a demonstration of the ShaRing experience in which people could get an In茅dit beer using their ring.

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This year three influencers will join us on the train!

One of the great novelties of the 4th edition of Imagine Express is that this year three influencers will join us on the journey. Our partner Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation has launched a competition to select three influencers pertaining to three social media sites: Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. The selection process will end February 18th at 23:59h, but to discover the challenge the influencers will face you will have to wait and stay tuned to our blog. However we will reveal the winners of the competition at the final event of Imagine IoT which will take place on Monday February 20th in the V猫rtex building of the UPC (Universitat Polit猫cnica de Catalunya).

Welcome on board dreamers!