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Month: June 2018

Judith Sirera, Dreamer 12 of Imagine Silicon Valley 2018

Judith Sirera Selected as #Dreamer12 of Imagine Silicon Valley 2018
The prize includes one month of training at the Imagine Creativity Center in California.

Judith Sirera is a Multimedia Engineer from Barcelona based in the MIT Media Lab. She will travel, with all expenses paid, to San Francisco where she will participate the entire month of July in Imagine’s program,  Imagine Silicon Valley 2018. She will have the opportunity to be immersed completely in the ecosystem of Silicon Valley and participate in a program where she will visit the most innovative business and universities in the world (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Stanford University, Berkley). Judith will also have the opportunity to attend conferences with international experts in innovation and creativity.

Judith Sirera won a contest, in which more than a 1,000 people participated. The challenge consisted of putting together a video and sending their most up to date curriculum. Out of all of the participants, the Top 10 finalists were selected for the final round of voting. After a week of fierce competition, the results are:

1st place – Judith Sirera :  42 points

2nd place – Mathieu Bertrandy :  36 points

3rd place – Lucia Sánchez :  31 points

The points, which there were a maximum of 50, could be gained from votes from the expert jury, Imagine staff, previous participants in Imagine, personal interviews and votes earned from the Imagine facebook page.

Imagine would like to thank all the candidates for their participation, especially the Top 10 who organized extraordinary campaigns on social media. We would also like to thank the members of the jury  and hundreds of people that voted for the candidates.

Here is a preview video that Judith Sirera sent Imagine to present her candidacy: 

Here is the video that Judith Sirera presented for the contest:

About Imagine

Imagine is a creativity center in Silicon Valley, California. It was deigned for the generation of ideas that are going to change the world and the lives of those that participate in the program. The 2018 edition of Imagine Silicon Valley will start July 1 in Los Angeles with 12 participants who have won various creativity contests. The program will end with a final event open to the public on July 19 in San Francisco. The final event in Barcelona will take place October 3.

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Judith Sirera gana el concurso #Dreamer12 del programa IMAGINE Silicon Valley 2018.
El premio incluye  un mes de formación en el centro de creatividad Imagine en San Francisco, California.

Judith Sirera  es una Ingeniera Multimedia de Barcelona y estudiante en el  MIT Media Lab, Judith viajará a San Francisco con todos los gastos pagados para participar durante todo el mes de julio en el programa de creatividad   Imagine Silicon Valley 2018.  Judith tendrá la oportunidad de realizar una inmersión en el ecosistema de Silicon Valley a partir de un completo programa de visitas a las empresas y universidades más innovadoras del mundo (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Stanford University, Berkley, etc.) y de conferencias de expertos internacionales en innovación y creatividad.

Judith Sirera  ha ganado un concurso en el que participaron centenares de aspirantes. La prueba consistía en video de presentación y sus credenciales profesionales. De entre todos los participantes  se seleccionaron 10 finalistas para la última ronda de votos. Tras competir durante una semana, el concurso ha finalizado con la siguiente puntuación:

1era posición – Judith Sirera :  42 puntos

2nd posición – Mathieu Bertrandy:  36  puntos

3era posición – Lucia Sánchez:  31 puntos

(el detalle de las puntuaciones está a disposición de los participantes a través de: )

Los puntos, sobre un máximo de 50 posibles, se podían conseguir de los votos de un jurado de expertos, del staff de imagine, de los participantes de pasadas ediciones, de entrevistas personales y de los votos conseguidos en la página de facebook de Imagine. (Ver bases del concurso y jurado. Detalle de las puntuaciones a disposición de los participantes. Interesados contactar con

La organización de Imagine quiere agradecer su participación a todos los candidatos del concurso y, muy especialmente, a los 10 finalistas que han llevado a cabo extraordinarias campañas para conseguir apoyos en las redes sociales. Asimismo, agradecer a todos los miembros del jurado y a las miles de personas que han votado a los candidatos.

Aquí un video previo que mandó Judith Sirera a a la organización: 

Aquí el video que presentó al concurso:

Sobre Imagine:

IMAGINE es un Centro de Creatividad en el Silicon Valley de California para la generación de ideas que cambien el mundo y para cambiar la vida de las personas que participan en el programa. La séptima edición de Imagine Silicon Valley se pondrá en marcha el próximo 1 de Julio en el Los Angeles (California) con 12 participantes ganadores de distintos concursos de creatividad y culminará con la exposición pública de las ideas el próximo 19 de Julio en San Francisco. El evento de presentación de resultados se llevará a cabo el próximo 3 de octubre en Barcelona.

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Vote for your favourite finalist to #Dreamer12 of Imagine #SiliconValley2018

Here we present the finalists to become dreamer number 12 for Imagine Silicon Valley 2018.

The selection has been very difficult since we have received amazing candidatures. A special thank you to everyone who has participated and congratulations to ALL! With your implication you have shown that you are already working on making the world a better place.

On Sunday June 10th at 23:59 pm (Central European Time) we will notify the winner among these 10 finalists.  The winner will become dreamer number 12, being able to join the program Imagine Silicon Valley 2018  with all expenses covered.

The voting proces for the selection of dreamer number 12 will be the following:

  •  votes from the representatives of each sponsor of Imagine (maximum 10 points) **
  •  votes from Imagine 2018 staff (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from the dreamers of past editions of Imagine (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from interview between staff members and finalist (maximum 10 points)
  • Number of likes achieved on facebook (maximum 10 points)

Good luck to all the candidates and keep on dreaming!

25 finalists for Dreamer number 12 of Imagine Silicon Valley 2018

We have received amazing candidatures to become Dreamer number 12 of Imagine Silicon Valley 2018. It’s being incredible tough to judge these! Our judging team has finished the first round and has chosen the 25 finalists that will enter the second round of voting. From these 25 finalist, 10 will be selected and will be published on the Imagine Facebook page this sunday. These 10 finalists will enter the last round of voting from which the final winner will be chosen.

More information on the voting process here.

From the Imagine staff we would like to thank everyone who has submitted an application for Imagine Silicon Valley 2018 . The talent we have received has been overwhelming. Thank you, you are all amazing Dreamers!

25 finalist (first round of voting, in alphabetical order):

– Luis Borja
– Mathieu Bertrandy
– Gopik E.M.
– Marian Fontseca
– Carla Gallifa
– Mireia Dimé
– Ian Esteban
– Ruth Fernández
– Ivan Guerrero
– Carolina Jordán
– Marc Martínez
– Dámaso Moreno
– César López
– Guillermo Palacín
– Arnau Pastor
– Janira Planes
– Teresa Romero
– Marta Sanaú
– Lucia Sánchez
– Judith Sirera
– Borja Solé
– Lara Stolzenburg
– Arturo Urrios
– Tanash Utamchandani
– Roberta Vicente