Everything is ready for the train of the Mobile Apps to leave Sants-Estació on February 24th. Xavier Verdaguer and Albert Mikkelsen hosted the presentation of the 4th edition of Imagine Express at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm of Barcelona. During the event the 3 final dreamers were selected that will accompany us on this trip full of enthusiasm, dreams, creativity, companionship and disruptive innovation. One more year we are eager to begin this journey that will change the lives of its participants and improve the quality of life of many people through the apps that will be developed. This is our grain of sand to change the world for better.

However, we recognize that Imagine Express would not be possible without the companies that invest on the search for talent and innovation. For this reason we would like to thank the main partners of the program (Otsuka y Biocat, Banco Sabadell, Suez and Imagine Foundation) for their incredible involvement from the beginning and their capacity to test us through the challenges in the following categories:

  • Fintech: Insurance, Sharing Economy & Identity.
  • Smart cities: CropSell, Pipe Doctor & Collvers.
  • Health: Adherence, Pharma’s Image & Relationship with Start-ups.
  • Open.

In a live competition, 15 candidates competed to be the three last dreamers (of the creative, developer and business profile). To do this they presented their proposals before a jury composed of experts of different companies and sectors. In addition, the event attendees were also able to participate in the selection by tweeting their favourite candidates.

We won’t make you wait any longer and will now present the 36 dreamers of Imagine Express 2017!

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During the event, Paula Guardans-Godó and Marc Unzueta, dreamers de Imagine Silicon Valley 2016, presented ShaRing. The project that was developed during that edition of Imagine is forming a company composed by Imagine, the dreamers and Hippo Technologies. ShaRing consists of a smart ring with NFC technology that unifies and manages access of all kinds through it’s software and application. The Project strives to eliminate the need to carry and keep track of multiple keys and access cards by replacing them with an app that you can manage all access and later use your ring to enter in places such as concerts, offices, public transport and more. In the Imagine Express 2017 event ShaRing a few selected early adopters were able to use the ring as an entry. There was also a demonstration of the ShaRing experience in which people could get an Inédit beer using their ring.

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This year three influencers will join us on the train!

 One of the great novelties of the 4th edition of Imagine Express is that this year three influencers will join us on the journey. Our partner Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation has launched a competition to select three influencers pertaining to three social media sites: Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. The selection process will end February 18th at 23:59h, but to discover the challenge the influencers will face you will have to wait and stay tuned to our blog. However we will reveal the winners of the competition at the final event of Imagine IoT which will take place on Monday February 20th in the Vèrtex building of the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya).

Welcome on board dreamers!