Aleix Ordeig will travel, with all expenses paid, to San Francisco where he will participate the entire month of July in Imagine’s program,  Imagine Silicon Valley 2019. He will have the opportunity to be immersed completely in the ecosystem of Silicon Valley and participate in a program where she will visit the most innovative business and universities in the world (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Stanford University, Berkley). Aleiix will also have the opportunity to attend conferences with international experts in innovation and creativity.

Aleix Ordeig won a contest, in which more than a 500 people participated. The challenge consisted of putting together a video and sending their most up to date curriculum. Out of all of the participants, the Top 10 finalists were selected for the final round of voting. After a week of fierce competition, the results are:

1st place – Aleix Ordeig :  37 points

2nd place – Javier González :  36 points

3rd place – Edgard Pons :  33 points

The points, which there were a maximum of 50, could be gained from votes from the expert jury, Imagine staff, previous participants in Imagine, personal interviews and votes earned from the Imagine facebook page.

Imagine would like to thank all the candidates for their participation, especially the Top 10 who organized extraordinary campaigns on social media. We would also like to thank the members of the jury  and hundreds of people that voted for the candidates.

Here is the video that Aleix Ordeig presented for the contest: