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Núria Pastor Dreamer of the year 2019

Núria Pastor has been chosen Dreamer of the year 2019 by the Imagine community. Congrats Núria & congrats to the finalists Isidro Quintana, Sebastian Romero, Núria Tió & Dirk Hornung.  

Núria Pastor ( ), psychologist specialized in Neuroscience and Research worked as a researcher at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, where she led digital health and health data projects, and later received a grant from the European Institute of Technology, where she was trained in business development. Nuria was Dreamer in the edition Imagine Express 2017 and since then has demonstrated a great attitude Dreamer founding together with Unai Sánchez ( computer science and Data Science, HumanITcare  company with which it has developed a platform that provides a  remote monitoring of chronic patients, with the aim of improving the quality of life and medical care. Currently, HumanITcare is working with hospitals such as the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Hospital Vall d’Hebrón, Hospital Universitario de Maastricht, among others.

Núria Pastor, has collaborated as a staff in other projects of Imagine Creativity Center like The Creative Fest 2017 or in the Reto Emprende 2019.

Some awards that HumanITcare recived: Prize of the European Commission, SME Instrument, awarded four times by the European Institute of Technology or entrepreneurs of the year 2019 of the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona, UPC. But the most important thing is the dreamer values of perseverance, generosity, mutual admiration, and passion that drives Nuria and her team.

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Dreamer of the year 2016. Pau Rodríguez.
Dreamer of the year 2017. Anna Sala
Dreamer of the year 2018. Lucho Domínguez.
Dreamer of the year 2019. Núria Pastor.


Successful third edition of the FLUIDRA INNOVATION WEEK

The third edition of Fluidra Innovation Week has successfully taken place in Barcelona and surroundings this October 2019. Fluidra, a Spanish multinational listed group, is the global leader in the pool and wellness industry. Founded in 1969, Fluidra has long-standing experience in developing innovative products and services in the global residential and commercial pool market.

Once again, the company trusted Imagine to promote an intrapreneurial attitude with Fluidra Innovation Week, where Fluidra’s employees generated innovative solutions, products and business models, thereby involving them in building the company’s future.

This year’s theme was: “Social and Technological Trends” – How are social and technological trends affecting the pool and wellness business today? How will they reshape it in the future?

15 employees from different countries and diverse professional backgrounds were selected to come to Barcelona and dive into an intense week of work and inspiration. With the support of experts, mentors and Imagine staff the 5 teams of three passed through the phases of the Lombard Method to reach solutions which they presented on the last day of the program to a jury composed of Fluidra & Zodiac Executives. 

The 2019 edition was kicked off at the “Espai Cytizen”, where the participants met for the first time, formed teams and completed Phase 1 – Inspiration. Teams looked at key challenges facing the pool industry in the future, like: How can we make pools fully sustainable? How can we increase pool use by making them a “fun space”? How can we make the decision phase of the pool buying cycle easier for a future pool owner? How can we ensure optimal pool maintenance with minimal disturbance to pool users? How can we provide real-time information about their pools to owners? Once each team chose their challenge, they narrowed them down on the concrete problems and personas they would work on for the rest of the week. 

In the evening of day 1, the teams went to the beautiful beach town of Sitges, a mere 30 minutes South of Barcelona. After an inspiring tour of the town and its entrepreneurial origins, everyone met for a nice family dinner by the sea to gather energy for the following day. Inspired by the sea breeze in Sitges, the teams worked on Phase 2 – Ideation: through diverging and thinking of the craziest ideas possible, and then converging them to detect the most innovative and viable solutions. At the end of the day every team presented their first ideas to the other participants, David Tapias (Fluidra’s ESA R&D Director) and Imagine staff and received valuable feedback to apply in the next steps.

The next day, Phase 3 – Prototyping took the participants to the The Catalyst, where they had a Prototyping masterclass by Ignasi Plaza, CEO and Founder of Protofy. During the day, the teams were working on the business model and got feedback from experts and Fluidra managers, Xavier Servat and Frederic Dalmau. They were also working on the look & feel of the projects with the help of Imagine’s designer team.

In Phase 4 – Communication, the team started the day with a Communication & Public Speaking workshop by Emma Rodero in the inspiring environment of Teatreneu in the Gràcia neighbourhood. During the morning, the teams prepared their pitch and rehearsed on a real theatre stage.

The Demo Day was celebrated at the Estrella Damm space at the Pier01 of Barcelona Tech City, a private non-profit organisation open to all Barcelona-based members of the local and global technology ecosystem. The jury, led by the Executive President of Fluidra Eloi Planes and R+D Director David Tapias, was presented with 5 different and complete solutions, like a subscription platform to improve your pool experience, a circular economy system to create more sustainable pools or how Fluidra can use drones for maintenance and safety issues.

With such different and impactful ideas presented, it wasn’t easy for the jury to decide on one winning solution. But after some debate, the winning team was announced and awarded with a Silicon Valley trip to see first-hand how the most innovative and creative minds turn ideas into reality. During the trip they will be invited to visit some of the most famous companies like Google or Facebook and universities like Stanford.

Looking forward to the Fluidra Innovation Week 4 in 2020!

Imagine Silicon Valley 2019. Social Innovation Day at Google HQ.

Mountain View, CA – July 25th 2019

July 25th took place the Demo Day of Imagine Silicon Valley 2019 at Google HQ, where the 12 Dreamers presented the 4 social innovation projects they have ideated over a month in a van cruising three states of the United States (California, Nevada and Arizona) and developed at the most innovative hub in the world, Silicon Valley.

Google opened its doors to the 12 Dreamers of the 9th edition of Imagine Silicon Valley to present the results of the projects they had been working on during the month of July. The 4 projects belonged to different fields: elder people, education, mental health and volunteering; but all of them have one thing in common, that is their willingness to solve some of the biggest challenges that our society is facing and make the world a better place.

Jordi Ortiz, our host and a Strategic and Growth Manager at Google, welcome the dreamers and the 200+ attendees that joined the Demo Day sharing his personal satisfaction that all the projects had a social purpose.  

Cause it is true, we can’t ignore the fact that apart from exponential technologies, our world is also facing exponential problems that we need to start proposing solutions that can help us build a better world for our future generations.

The event was presented by Marta Ordeig, founder of Garage Stories and director ofImagine Silicon Valley for the last three years, and Javier Ideami, founder of Ideami Studios.

We actually had the honor of having Marc Bonavia, partner of Imagine and founder of Catalonia Exponential, that shared his views on the future and how we should we questioning ourselves not only the NOW and the NEW, but the NEXT in order to build successful products with a positive impact.

In order to tackle down these challenges, probably the biggest ones we had ever faced at Imagine Silicon Valley, we got together 12 brights minds, winners of different talent contests all over Spain, and brought them together into our innovation center in California. This year, for the second time, instead of spending the whole month in Silicon Valley as we used to do, we followed our favorite format inspired by the trips that Imagine has organized in different countries all over the world such as as Imagine Latam , or Imagine InAtlantic, where traveling has proven to reinforce the coexistence between the participants and transforms their diversity into a lever of innovation. By literally getting out of their comfort zone, they receive new sources of inspiration that lead them to create disruptive solutions.

For that reason, this year we started in Los Angeles (Kick-Off) where participants met for the first time. Once teams were formed, we took our vans and hit the road to get started with the Inspiration and Ideation phases of the Lombard Method along places such as the Route 66, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Mammoth Lake and Yosemite; till we reached our final destination, Silicon Valley.

Once we arrived, we settled down at our Creativity Center in San Mateo, working on the third (prototyping) and fourth (communication) phases of the Method. During this time we made the most of this unique ecosystem and visited some of the most innovative companies in the world (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc.), took official workshops at universities such as Stanford and received feedback from experts in innovation and technology.

One novelty of 2019’s Demo Day, is that we invited a wonderful jury of 7 international experts based in Silicon Valley to ask questions and give feedback to the teams in order to validate our prototypes and keep improving the projects for the final presentation that will take place in Barcelona October 3rd.

The jury members were:

  1. Bin Li – Founder US-China Social Innovation Consulting
  2. Felipe Lamounier – Partner & Board Member @StartupSE
  3. Angelika Blendstrup – Mentor@500startups & Singularity University Labs
  4. Jinxia Niu – Business manager for Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
  5. Marc Bonavia: Silicon Valley Executive Director for Innovation & Investment relations between Catalonia and Western US
  6. Elodie de Marchi – Investment Strategy Manager at VMware
  7. Ignasi Mas – Senior Manager, IT SOX and Internal Controls

The challenges and the projects presented were:

Mental Health (Alliance Otsuka Lundbeck) – ¿How to reduce mental health stigma and help patients enter the job market?

The Dreamers Carlos Bort (Celera/ Banc Sabadell Foundation), Ana Valdés (Oviedo’s University/ Banc Sabadell Foundation) and Aleix Ordeig (Imagine Foundation), presented «MINDTAL», a platform with a radically different approach to recruiting that facilitates the matchmaking between companies and candidates with some type of mental health issue (mainly schizophrenia and psychosis) and offers companies the possibility to send challenges to the platform and employ people cost free for a short period of time. The main goal is to help people with mental health issues enter the job market by reducing the social stigma.

The general manager of Otsuka Spain, Concha Caudevilla, came all the way to San Francisco to attend the event and to share Otsuka’s experience during the innovation process and their work towards building a more equal society.

Elder People (Catalunya Emprèn/ 4YFN-MWC) – ¿How to prevent the dangers of seniors living alone and help them become more active and self confident?

The Dreamers Ainara Sarobé (MWC), Joan Tutusaus (MWC) and Miguel Robert (MWC) worked on <<AIDE>> an AI solutions that wants to be aware of the well being of seniors at home via senior-friendly sensors that are not stigmatizing. Aide can detect whether a senior user falls into the floor and activates a safety protocol that warns the closest neighbours to offer a first assistance before the medical service gets home. 

It facilitates the empowerment of seniors by allowing them to be in control of their own safety and encourages neighbours to be more aware of the elder people living in their buildings creating a stronger human community.

Education (Imagine Foundation) – ¿How to empowers kids in risk of exclusion and empower them to be heard and seen?

The Dreamers Carla Marín (EDEM – Escuela de Empresarios/ Banc Sabadell Foundation), Manel Lao (Imagine Foundation) and Sandra García (Universidad de Alicante/ Banc Sabadell Foundation) worked on <<COPELIUS>> a peer to peer education platform that turns the tables around and creates a new CV around “How much have others learnt from you” instead of “How much have your learnt”. This project is the result of Imagine’s experience in a workshop in Iten, Kenya, where Imagine team realized that kids were more motivated to teach them things that to be taught, and that by teaching they were also learning themselves.

Copelius aims to build a worldwide platform where kids from all over the world can create their own educational videos (working in teams with the help of a mentor) that creates equal opportunities for all.

Volunteering (Audi) – ¿How to build stronger local communities?

The dreamers, Ana Navarro, Tzaitel Virgili and Gabriel Lettenstrom, were the winners of the of the 4th Edition of the Audi Creativity Challenge amongst +500 participating teams with their project <<WeLink.>>, which helps people that need help connect with others willing to do so. Favours can range from teaching, walking the dog, do the shopping, etc; and are targeted locally, despite the platform works globally. The main benefit for “volunteers” is that it adds value to their Linkedin CV by being able to trade their “volunteering” hours, a tool that many companies confirmed to be very helpful in a recruiting process.

The goal of WeLink is to humanize large cities and create stronger communities around us. 

About Imagine:

Imagine is an Innovation Center founded by Xavier Verdaguer in the Silicon Valley of California in 2011. Imagine has developed and curated its own innovation methodology called Lombard Method, based on the principles of Design Doing (used by Start-ups) and applies it to solve the challenges that big corporations confront. Imagine organizes innovation trips where the participants (called Dreamers) develop disruptive solutions for challenges proposed by big companies like Audi, Ikea, Banco Sabadell, Suez, Cuatrecasas, Fluidra, Grupo Sura, Mediapro, etc. Nowadays Imagine develops innovation programs in different countries (Imagine Express, Imagine Latam, Imagine Africa, Imagine Italia, Imagine Japan, etc.). In Imagine we believe that a better world is possible. In order to develop solutions to the problems society faces, it is necessary to create diverse groups with shared values that follow a working methodology and entrepreneur attitude.


About Alliance Otsuka and Lundbeck:

Otsuka is a Japanese pharmaceutical company that was born 90 years ago with 2 main values: creativity and innovation to save lives. Nowadays Otsuka is present in many countries around the world, and we are honored to have Concha Caudevilla, General Manager Otsuka Spain, amongst us, who later will share her experience during this process. Lundbeck, a Danish pharmaceutical company that has been at the forefront of brain science for over 70 years specialized in neurological and psychiatric treatments.


About 4YFN – Mobile World Capital:

A critical element of MWC, 4YFN underscores Barcelona’s position as a leading hub for digital entrepreneurship and connects the startup ecosystem globally. 4YFN offers unique connecting initiatives including insightful onstage talks, technical workshops, custom networking activities, community outreach and open innovation programmes to support startups, investors and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together.


About Audi Creativity Challenge:

The Audi Creativity Challenge is a competition in which we challenge you to transform the future of our society by developing your most creative ideas. How? Create a team of 3 companions and look for a good Driver that helps you to be better. Your challenge will be to find solutions to innovate in the education sector. If your idea exceeds all phases and ends as a winner, you will enjoy a unique experience in Silicon Valley to fully develop your project following the Lombard Method.


About Fundació Banc Sabadell:

The Banco Sabadell Foundation was established with the purpose of stimulating excellence and promoting knowledge and culture.

The objective of the Foundation is to promote outreach, training and research activities in the educational, scientific and cultural fields, as well as to encourage and support young talent. Throughout its existence, it has contributed to promote activities in these areas and has also established itself as the organizer of the prestigious Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Biomedical Research and the Economic Research Foundation Award.


Aleix Ordeig, Dreamer 12 of Imagine Silicon Valley 2019

Aleix Ordeig will travel, with all expenses paid, to San Francisco where he will participate the entire month of July in Imagine’s program,  Imagine Silicon Valley 2019. He will have the opportunity to be immersed completely in the ecosystem of Silicon Valley and participate in a program where she will visit the most innovative business and universities in the world (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Stanford University, Berkley). Aleiix will also have the opportunity to attend conferences with international experts in innovation and creativity.

Aleix Ordeig won a contest, in which more than a 500 people participated. The challenge consisted of putting together a video and sending their most up to date curriculum. Out of all of the participants, the Top 10 finalists were selected for the final round of voting. After a week of fierce competition, the results are:

1st place – Aleix Ordeig :  37 points

2nd place – Javier González :  36 points

3rd place – Edgard Pons :  33 points

The points, which there were a maximum of 50, could be gained from votes from the expert jury, Imagine staff, previous participants in Imagine, personal interviews and votes earned from the Imagine facebook page.

Imagine would like to thank all the candidates for their participation, especially the Top 10 who organized extraordinary campaigns on social media. We would also like to thank the members of the jury  and hundreds of people that voted for the candidates.

Here is the video that Aleix Ordeig presented for the contest:

Vote for your favourite finalist to #Dreamer12 of Imagine #SiliconValley2019

Here we present the finalists to become dreamer number 12 for  Imagine Silicon Valley 2019

The selection has been very difficult since we have received amazing candidatures. A special thank you to everyone who has participated and congratulations to ALL! With your implication you have shown that you are already working on making the world a better place.

On Sunday June 9th at 23:59 pm (Central European Time) we will notify the winner among these 10 finalists.  The winner will become dreamer number 12, being able to join the program Imagine Silicon Valley 2019 with all expenses covered.

The voting proces for the selection of dreamer number 12 will be the following

– Votes from the representatives of each sponsor of Imagine (maximum 10 points) **
– Votes from Imagine 2019 staff (maximum 10 points)
– Votes from the dreamers of past editions of Imagine (maximum 10 points)
– Votes from interview between staff members and finalist (maximum 10 points)
– Number of likes achieved on facebook (maximum 10 points)

Good luck to all the candidates and keep on dreaming!

Dreamer Candidate 1. Judit Mérida.

Dreamer Candidate 2. Javier González.

Dreamer Candidate 3. Paula Borràs.

Dreamer Candidate 4. Aleix Ordeig.

Dreamer Candidate 5. Laura Jornet.

Dreamer Candidate 6. Marcel Carneiro.

Dreamer Candidate 7. Andy Isaza.

Dreamer Candidate 8. Dirk Hornung.

Dreamer Candidate 9. Edgard Pons.


 Dreamer Candidate 10: Aleix Lagares. 

Imagine Express da el pistoletazo de salida a su sexta edición con Dream BIG Renfe-SNCF, una hackathon en la Estació de França de Barcelona

130 participantes llenaron ayer la Estació de França de Barcelona mientras competían en el Dream BIG Renfe-SNCF, un Dream BIG Challenge que definirá quién es el último equipo que tendrá la oportunidad de subir al tren del Imagine Express 2019. 

El evento consistió en una competición de innovación disruptiva donde los participantes generaron soluciones al primer reto lanzado por Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación, main partner de Imagine Express: ¿Cómo mejorar la experiencia del viajero de tren internacional? 

Durante tres horas los participantes, organizados en equipos de tres (un creativo, un ingeniero de software y un emprendedor), siguieron el Método Lombard, proceso conceptualizado y diseñado por el equipo de Imagine. A través de las características cajas de cartón amarillas que van marcando los pasos que deben seguir, se guiaron por las cuatro fases del Método: inspiración, ideación, prototipado y comunicación. 

Al finalizar la jornada y después de mucha tensión al escuchar las presentaciones de 1 minuto de cada equipo, un jurado formado por Ignacio Portillo, responsable de Analítica i Personalización de contenidos Web de Renfe, Jorge Marcos, jefe de innovación y desarrollo de proyectos de Renfe, Marta Montes, responsable de comunicación de Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación, Albert Cuesta, periodista y analista de tecnología, Daria Shornikova, Directora de Imagine Express y Xavier Verdaguer, Fundador de Imagine Creativity Center, eligió los cuatro mejores equipos que optarán a ocupar la última plaza de Imagine Express 2019. El equipo ganador se desvelará el 7 de febrero en la Fabrica Estrella Damm.

La sexta edición de Imagine Express 

El tren del Imagine Express volverá a arrancar este año entre el 22 y el 25 de febrero para emprender un viaje entre Barcelona, París y Londres. Esta edición contará con 36 dreamers  seleccionados de entre 2.000 solicitudes. Se organizarán en 12 equipos de tres personas (una mente creativa, un ingeniero de software y un emprendedor) que por su conocimiento, habilidades y talento se complementan. Durante el viaje desarrollarán proyectos de apps móviles y soluciones disruptivas. 

Las soluciones que desarrollarán en el tren darán respuesta a los retos planteados por los main partners del programa: Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación (experiencia del viajero en un tren de recorrido internacional), la Fundación Banco Sabadell con la colaboración de AERTEC (reinvención de la experiencia en los aeropuertos) e IVI (reproducción asistida). En esta edición, otras empresas como el RACC y Shasta también lanzarán retos vinculados respectivamente a los patinetes eléctricos y al blockchain en proyectos sociales.

Tras viajar de Barcelona a París en un tren de Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación, y de la capital francesa a Londres, los dreamers presentarán sus proyectos a inversores internacionales en la mítica noria London Eye de Londres. Las soluciones ganadoras se presentarán el 25 de febrero en el 4YFN del Mobile World Congress. 

Los frutos de las anteriores ediciones de Imagine Express

Después de 5 exitosas ediciones que ya suman 185 participantes, Imagine Express puede estar orgulloso de muchos de los proyectos resultantes que han conseguido abrirse camino. 5 ediciones de las que han surgido 61 proyectos que se estima que han captado más de 10 millones de financiación.

Entre ellos está, por ejemplo, Chupa Chip, un caramelo inteligente que detecta ciertas enfermedades, impulsado por Sára Földes, Diana Ballart y Josep Mota Bertran. También la plataforma Humanitcare, lanzada Nuria Pastor y Unai Sanchez y enfocada a recolectar y analizar datos para tener un seguimiento objetivo de la salud, o el proyecto Vincles, creado para evitar la soledad de las personas mayores impulsada por el dreamer Josep Maria Miró.

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Hello, World! This is my first WordPress publication…

Hello World

Hello, World! This is my first WordPress publication…