We are very happy to announce that Mobile World Centre is our new partner for Imagine Express 2016.


Here is where Imagine Express will kick off on the 19th of February 2016. Starting at 9am, we will meet at the Mobile World Centre to make dreamers’ teams and straight after, we will start the journey!

About the Mobile World Centre

Mobile World Centre is a public-private initiative founded by Mobile World Capital (MWCB) and Telefónica. Its main objective is to bring mobile technologies and Internet closer to citizens. It’s a space to discover how mobile evolution is impacting communication channels, our daily lives and the social and business environment. The Centre is an open space to citizens, it hosts a permanent exhibition and it also offers a calendar of events linked to social transformation, culture, technology and economic mobility projects. Mobile World Centre is also an information and dissemination point of other MWCB initiatives.

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