Here we offer the 5 winning projects of Imagine Express 2016, presented in 4YFN during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Category Finance (Sponsor Banco Sabadell): Guarantee Box

Guarantee Box was the project awarded in the category of finance. Pol Carulla, Xavier Ramos and Alejandro Lopez have been the authors and developers of this application, which aims to solve an everyday problem: the loss of guarantees.



The 3 dreamers based their idea on a very common situation: the loss of the appliances/tools guarantees we have at home, which we only miss when needed, i.e. when such tools or appliances are broken or damaged. Without the guarantee, we cannot change or repair such tools. The Guarantee Box offers a Banco Sabadell app that allows digitising and saving, easily and automatically, the guarantees of the tools we buy with a bank card.


Category Smart Cities (Sponsor Suez): Gota a Gota
Gota a Gota is an application developed by Patricia Posadas, Sebastian Matiz and Albert Llorens. Gota a Gota is a mobile app that establishes a new relationship between the water Company and customers, based on transparency and citizen empowerment.



Until now, the water bill has been the only mean of relation between water companies and customers. How do you feel about that? Do you just want to receive an invoice every month or would you also want to take part in the companies’ project investment decisions?

Gota a Gota’s purpose is to empower customers to be part of the local changes being made just by using this mobile App.

With this app, customers will receive water invoices and will be rewarded with drops (depending on his responsible consumption). Customer will be able to use these drops to select the projects of interest that the water company is currently funding and this, in turn, will help the water company to prioritise the local and social projects funded.


Health Category (Sponsor Uriach): U4U
The u4u application: designed, created and presented by the team made up by Marc Gómez, Laura Helena Sierra and Helena Arumi. This App is aimed at a network of 18,000 pharmacies, which because of their profile and profitability, receive less support and fewer resources from pharmaceutical companies (these pharmacies are known in the industry as “type C pharmacies”). Most resources are usually allocated to the remaining 4,000 pharmacies (called type A and B) with a professional profile and localised in more favorable areas for business development (in Spain there are a total of 22,000 pharmacies).



The three members of the group worked hard to solve a problem that affects those 18,000 pharmacies: having less support from the industry, pharmacists feel rather discouraged and have lost their role as “pharmaceutical advisers” and become mere sellers. In order to solve this situation, the App connects these 18,000 type C pharmacies with Uriach, providing intuitively and in a didactic way all the information and training (advice, orders, training videos, etc.) they need so that their business grow and they recover their role as health and welfare counsellors.


Open Category (Sponsor Imagine Foundation): Bioo app
Javier Rodriguez, Pablo Vidarte and Chantal Marin-Bourcereau have revolutionised the world of renewable energies and the world in general through his Bioo idea.



It is a system that uses the energy generated by plants during the photosynthesis process. The result: energy available 24 hours a day, much cheaper and less intrusive than current solar panels. During this weekend, they have devised an app that will strengthen their project: users will have the possibility to control energy consumption.


Open Category (Sponsor Imagine Foundation): Got it
The team for this app consists of Pol Alvárez (the youngest this year, only 15 years old), Gerard Serra and Silvia Pociello. With the app Got It, the dreamers solve the problem of immediacy associated with online and traditional shopping. The online purchase involves a minimum of 24 hours to receive an order and, in stores, buyers are not always sure of finding what they are looking for unless they go there.



Sometimes, immediacy in the purchase is a key issue for shoppers. Got it solves this problem. With this app, and a database of all the retail partners, registered users can search in real time which local stores have the item they want and its price. If you are interested, you can buy what you look for through the app itself; the app assigns a code to the item, with which you can go and pick it up in the store.


Congratulations Dreamers of the Imagine Express 2016.
See you next year for a new edition of Imagine Express!