We started the second day with a mindfullness session given by Mery Viñas, of Beecome, whose purpose was to prepare the minds of dreamers and the staff for a day of hard work.


During the day, mentors and dreamers worked and discussed ideas following the Lombard methodology.


Imagine Express mentors taught Masterclasses in order to think through the ideas by means of the InnovationCanvas.



There were also Masterclasses for developers on how to make the first prototypes.



Communication experts gave a talk on how to make a winning pitch so that teams might begin preparing the presentation due in London the next day.



After a day working hard on the Business Canvas, prototypes and presentations, the teams presented their ideas to mentors and other staff members.



Despite nervousness and fatigue, teams were ready for the next day: London.


To find out what happened during the third day of Imagine Express 2016 in London, read the following entry Imagine Express 2016 . Day 3. Paris -> London -> Barcelona