We are currently in search of the 12 Dreamers for Imagine Silicon Valley 2016. Many contests are now active and we are excited to start meeting the new dreamers!

Given the success of last year’s web competition, 1 of the 12 dreamers of Imagine Silicon Valley 2016 will be selected again from among all the applications received via the webpage www.imagine.cc  The rest of the dreamers will be selected from competitions organized by various sponsors which we will be announcing soon, stay tunned!

The process for the selection of dreamer number 12 will be the following:

1. On Sunday May 15th, 10 applications will be selected among all the candidatures received via:  http://www.imagine.cc/silicon_valley/2016/participants  This selection will be conducted by a formalized committee of experts with representatives from the sponsors and the staff of Imagine.

2. On Sunday May 29th, the videos of the 10 finalists will be published on the Imagine facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/imaginecc 

3. On Monday June 6th, dreamer number 12 will be chosen among the 10 finalists with the following voting system:

  •  votes from the representatives of each sponsor of Imagine (maximum 10 points)
  •  votes from Imagine 2016 staff (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from the dreamers of past editions of Imagine (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from interview between staff members and finalist (10 points)
  •  number of likes achieved on facebook (maximum 10 points)

Open application until May 15th >> 

Here examples of past Imagine Silicon Valley candidatures: