One more year, Banco Sabadell and its Foundation  join Imagine Express 2017 in search for technological solutions for the future. In this edition of Imagine Express, Banco Sabadell and Fundación Banco Sabadell promote the participation of 6 dreamers: three Banco Sabadell employees selected by the Innovation Directorate, two entrepreneurs sponsored by the Fundación Banco Sabadell, from Valencialab and EDEM Escuela de Empresarios ; and a third one also sponsored by the Foundation, which won the creative contest organized by Imagine.

Thanks to Imagine Express, Banco Sabadell can find the entrepreneurial talent within its employees and identify completely disruptive ideas in the financial sector. The dreamers who get on the train learn to work in the most multidisciplinary and creative way, subsequently contributing that energy to their teams and keeping Banco Sabadell on its constant path towards innovation.

Betting on internal talent as a fundamental value, Banco Sabadell proposed to its employees three very important challenges for the future of the entity:

  • Insurance in the digital environment, a challenge represented by Esther Boneta, Treasury Analyst- Project Management of Markets and Private Banking, with her idea of insurance on digital goods.


  • The role of the bank in the collaborative economy, a challenge that will be represented by Isaac Cayellas, Innovation Delivery Manager, who proposes a platform of purchase and sale invoices based on blockchain technology.


  • The future of digital identity, a challenge that will be represented by Jose Ignacio Delgado Antón, Integral manager at Valladolid’s Main Office, multiplatform virtual identification.


The dreamers sponsored by Fundación Banco Sabadell are Liseth Monticone and Héctor Alemany, two young entrepreneurs that will participate under the category Business; and Óscar Rovira with his idea “Annona”, winnter of the creative contest organized by Imagine. Thanks to creative programs like Imagine Express, the Fundación Banco Sabadell is able to promote one of its fundamental objectives: to stimulate excellence and foster young talent.

Francesc Fajula, Banco Sabadell, Express 2017 from Imagine on Vimeo.