One more year SUEZ gets on the mobile apps train in search of disruptive technological solutions linked to smart cities. The company, exclusively dedicated to the activities of water and waste, promotes the participation of three dreamers in the Imagine Express 2017: two project engineers and their first commercial. To select their participants, SUEZ has taken into account criteria such as creativity, feasibility and enthusiasm of in describing the ideas presented.

According to Catalina Balseiro, Director of Innovation at AGBAR-SUEZ Spain, they have decided to participate again in the Imagine Express because of the “cultural change” and the “energy boost” it generates in the company and its employees. In addition, Balseiro believes that the innovation programs promoted by Imagine Creativity Center

Contribute to SUEZ “what we call the ‘Beoni effect’, one of our first dreamers on the train, “an incredible change of mentality.


Betting on internal entrepreneurial talent, SUEZ presented its employees with three very important challenges for the future of the company: Industry 4.0, urban innovation and new horizons beyond water. By the hand of Imagine Express, SUEZ can identify disruptive ideas to design smart cities of the future. In addition, the dreamers of the company who get on the train learn to cultivate very important qualities: teamwork, capacity to overcome, development of creativity, and above all, the effort to fulfil dreams, not only theirs, but also of all those people who will benefit from the apps and solutions created during the trip.