Social innovation is not just for NGOs and Foundations, but a competitive advantage for sustainable, profitable business. This was the topic of discussion at the Movistar center by Imagine Africa Director Julie Chrysler.  Julie shared examples of how companies around the world like AirBNB, Salesforce, EcoAlf, M-Kopa and la Fageda are leveraging their assets and resources to make a profit, while at the same time having a positive impact on society and the environment.

Julie shared updates on Imagine Africa, which is scheduled to run in fall 2018. We also heard from Joaquin Custodio, the mastermind behind Bricko, a social innovation project in renewable energies. Did you know when your laptop battery dies, 90% of the batteries actually still have energy left? Bricko gives these batteries a second life by creating packs that can charge solar panels, phones….

We’re looking for companies to collaborate with us and make Bricko a reality. Help us accelerate Bricko in Imagine Africa and develop a platform that would let anyone around the world discover how to create the packs to use at home, during natural disasters, as a teaching exercise in schools and endless more ideas!

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