The only Italian program in the range of Imagine adventures – Imagine Bocconi – , a fruit of collaboration with the SDA Bocconi Entrepreneurship Club and  Bocconi University in Milan, is about to begin. A 5-day hackathon to generate disruptive innovation through a transformational experience, the program is focused on generating business solutions in the insurance sector. The event takes place during a trip between Milan and Castello Visconteo, May 24-28th. The 21 participants will have the challenge of working in 7 groups of 3 with the goal of generating a business start-up.


The big thing about this year’s edition is the new partner – Munich Re. 

Since its foundation in 1880, Munich Re has been characterized by leading risk know-how and a special financial solidity. It provides financial protection to its clients, even from exceptionally high levels of damage, from the 1906 earthquake to the 2017 hurricane series. Today, Munich Re is a leading provider of reinsurance, primary insurance and insurance-related risk solutions. Munich Re is active worldwide and in all insurance segments – it has more than 42,000 employees on all continents. With premium income of around € 32 billion from reinsurance alone, it is one of the world’s major reinsurers.  Munich Re has outstanding innovative strength and is thus able to hedge extraordinary risks such as rocket launches, renewable energies, cyberattacks or pandemics. 





Being in constant transformation and following the innovation trends, Munich Re gave Imagine Bocconi the Reinsurance challenge, as it’s a mature business currently at a turning point ready for massive disruption. 

The Dreamers will choose one of the following topics to develop their innovative solutions through Lombard Method:

– How can we break the rules of the reinsurance, insurance and risk management markets?

– How to make the re/insurance market drive value for the end consumer, regardless of whether that is a retail or corporate client?

– How to take the assets & knowledge of the reinsurance market and build something new and beautiful?

– How can a CEO (of Google, Amazon, …) with unlimited skills and resources reinvent the current reinsurance business?


We’ll find out the answers on May 28 at the final presentation held in Bocconi. See you soon in Milan!

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