We have received amazing candidatures to become Dreamer number 12 of Imagine Silicon Valley 2019. It’s being incredible tough to judge these! Our judging team has finished the first round and has chosen the 25 finalists that will enter the second round of voting. From these 25 finalist, 10 will be selected and will be published on the Imagine Facebook page this sunday. These 10 finalists will enter the last round of voting from which the final winner will be chosen.

More information on the voting process HERE >>.

From the Imagine staff we would like to thank everyone who has submitted an application for Imagine Silicon Valley 2019 . The talent we have received has been overwhelming. Thank you, you are all amazing Dreamers!

25 finalist (first round of voting, in alphabetical order):


Khaled Atia

Paula Borràs

Eglantina Becheru

Marcel Carneiro

Miquel Castany

Lala Escrivá

Rubén García

Javier González

Dirk Hornung

Andy Isaza

Laura Jornet

Aleix Lagares

Mireia Llinares

Laura Llussà

Aleix Ordeig

Arnau Puigdemunt

Judit Mérida

Pau Navarro

Edgard Pons

Aitor Rodríguez

Desirée Rodríguez

Diego Rodriguez

Natalia Rodríguez

Alejandro Saez

Carolin Vogler

Vote process >>